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IIJ IoT Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ IoT Service provides the "connecting" parts, which cover a wide range of the particularly technical elements of IoT. This IoT platform supports the start-up of IoT businesses based on the experience of ISP and cloud providers.

Service Features

Secure Dedicated IoT Network

We can provide a privacy network from customer equipment to various cloud services that is never connected to the Internet.
The network that collects sensor data is a closed network, so the confidentiality of traffic is increased, and you do not have to worry about malicious access to IoT devices from the Internet.

Optimal Mobile Access for IoT

IIJ provides independent mobile services as a full MVNO.
In addition to a wide variety of payment plans, we offer rich features optimized for IoT, such as SIM life cycle management and chip SIMs that can be used to freely pause or restart connections, and IoT-dedicated SIM cards specialized for upstream communication.
Leveraging our superior features as a full MVNO, we can resolve IoT issues easily, flexibly, and at low cost.

Data Management and Utilization

Data from sensors can be linked in real time to external systems and the cloud, and data can be stored on the cloud for the low cost of 7 yen/GB per month. The sensor data can also be backed up by the IoT Service while being transferred to the customer's system.
Furthermore, images and videos stored by devices such as network cameras can be viewed on the control panel of the IoT Service.

Centralized Device Management on Control Panel

Requests and commands can be sent from the control panel to all devices at once, instead of individually.
It can also be used for operations such as firmware updates, status confirmation, restarting, and setting changes.
Because the maintenance of edge devices can be performed remotely, administrators or engineers do not need to be dispatched to the site. This eliminates the costs of staff movement, as well as environmental challenges such as high elevation work or work in dangerous locations.

Web API Link

All platform features can be set, operated, and executed using a Web API. Customers can build a unique IoT system by linking their own system to the IIJ IoT Service.

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