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IIJ Industrial IoT Secure Remote Management/Machinery

About the Solution Overview

IIJ Industrial IoT Secure Remote Management/Machinery is a solution that makes it easy to introduce a remote maintenance environment for industrial equipment delivered to factories. We provide multi-vendor/multi-interface compatible industrial PC/gateway equipment and a highly secure network/cloud environment that does not depend on factory networks on a one-stop basis.
We provide the equipment and application environment necessary for remote management of industrial equipment installed in each factory. We provide application environments that run on WISE-PaaS* from Advantech. Choose the products and services that best suit your facilities and management methods.

* WISE-PaaS IIJ Japan-East. An industrial IoT cloud platform provided by Advantech. In Japan, we provide services on the cloud service "IIJ GIO."

Solution Features

Both the manufacturer and the customer can monitor the facility status

We provide the IIJ Network and WISE-PaaS Cloud exclusively for production equipment and machinery manufacturers. In addition to a monitoring application for facility maintenance, customers can also monitor the status of their facility, thereby boosting added value in their introduction of production facility.

Provision of visualization, notification, and analysis capabilities

Abnormalities in facilities are detected early through cloud-based real-time monitoring of operation information at each industrial facility. This allows proactive maintenance support.

Secure closed networks

We provide all kinds of networks, mainly mobile ones, as closed networks.
Since they cannot be accessed from the Internet, they are isolated from external threats.

Improved operational efficiency through remote maintenance

Centralized management of devices on the network from screens.
In addition to the web pages provided by the end device, you can run SSH to a Linux end device or Remote desktop to a Windows end device from a browser.
Simultaneous operation of end devices by script is also possible. This reduces the burden on device administrators.

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