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IIJ Industrial IoT Secure Remote Management/Factory

About the Solution Overview

IIJ Industrial IoT Secure Remote Management/Factory is a solution that helps factories reduce facility maintenance costs and improve productivity. We supply ready-made applications that run on WISE-PaaS* provided by Advantech.

* WISE-PaaS IIJ Japan-East. An industrial IoT cloud platform provided by Advantech. In Japan, we provide services on the cloud service "IIJ GIO."

Solution Features

Facility operation monitoring

Abnormalities in facilities are detected early through cloud-based real-time monitoring of operation information at each industrial facility. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

  • Reduces downtime through monitoring, alerts, and early-stage detection. Increases productivity.
  • Improves facility maintenance efficiency by detecting abnormalities using statistical analysis.
  • Gantt and Pareto charts useful for analysis can be easily displayed.

Factory production control

Visualization of production lines is achieved by realizing a cloud-based production andon system for an entire factory or multiple factories. This contributes to raising availability.

  • Displays availability and production quantity for each production line in real time.
  • Makes it possible to grasp overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and display production quantities and production progress.
  • Hourly production progress graphs that are useful for analysis and production pitch analysis contribute to improving availability.

On-site video monitoring

Real-time video taken inside the factory can be viewed from anywhere. Since recording is also supported, the video can be used in combination with the facility monitoring information to support the quick clarification of the causes of failures.

  • Real-time camera images can be viewed anytime, anywhere.
  • Video data recording is also supported. We offer cloud-based video recording at a low price.
  • Quick clarification of the causes of failures is made possible by using the video data together with the facility operation information.

Promoting IoT for Measuring instrument

We promote IoT for measuring instruments through monitoring of the data of installed measuring instrument in the cloud in real time. This achieves improved work efficiency and productivity.

  • Break away from visual measurements and paper-based recording. Promote IoT and improve work efficiency.
  • Detect facility abnormalities early by monitoring and alert notification.
  • Understand the improvement effect through the application of numerical quantification to measuring instrument. Eliminate waste.

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