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IIJ Internet Access Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Internet Access Service provides an Internet connection through the IIJ Private Backbone Service. The high-grade connection service that we provide features exceptionally wide bandwidth. Also note that when you use the IIJ Internet Access Service, the IIJ Managed Firewall Service may be necessary.

Service Features

High-Quality Internet Connection Optimized through Cloud Use

When connecting to the Internet through the IIJ Private Backbone Service, your bandwidth is guaranteed. The number of IP addresses needed to meet you demands will be allotted.

SLA Support

The entirety of our domestic backbone is governed by an SLA to provide monthly round-trip response times averaging 25 ms or less, with an average packet loss rate of 0.1% or less.

Providing the Necessary Resources for Internet Use

We provide a DNS server for browsing and an NTP server. Also, you are able to confirm traffic graphs from "IIJ Service Online," the customer's exclusive management page.

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