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IIJ Mobile Access Service Type I

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Mobile Access Service is a mobile communications service that satisfies the various needs of many types of business customers. IIJ is the first full MVNO in Japan which utilizes the NTT DoCoMo network. This enables us develop unique services more flexibly than conventional MVNOs.

Unique SIM cards Uniquely designed SIM cards and chips
Life cycle management Control SIM card activation timing and service interruption and resumption
International roaming IIJ's unique flat-rate roaming plan
Management portal Centralized management of SIM card status, data usage, and other information
Packet sharing Data plans can be shared among multiple SIM cards for cost reduction
Unlimited upload data No limits on upload data amounts
IP address selection Allocate an IP address on each line according to its use or the type of line
Closed connections Capable of connecting to closed network services
SMS push Send multiple SMS messages simultaneously to IoT devices
API control Use APIs to efficiently manage a large number of lines
IMEI authentication Communication allowed only when registered IMSI and IMEI information matches
Access restrictions Allow connection only to registered destination IP addresses

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