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IIJ Mobile Service Type D / Type K

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Mobile Service Type D / Type K is a high-speed, low-latency mobile communications service for business customers. Specific plans tailored for data communication and for voice calls are available to optimize solutions based on the business use.

Service Features

MVNO with Multi-Carrier Support

This service is compatible with NTT DoCoMo networks via the type D service and with KDDI networks via the type K service. This is ideal for business use because it ensures that devices are accessible from anywhere in Japan.

Different Plans Available to Suit Your Needs

The standard Flat-rate Plan L offers a range of optional security features, whereas the Flat-rate Plan Lite is a low-cost plan that simply features the SIM card.

Variety of Mobile Solutions

We offer many optimal mobile solutions including business utilization of smart devices, providing device access to internal network resources, WAN access over mobile connections, and more.

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