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IIJ Identity & Access Management Solution

About the Solution Overview

We provide a wide variety of freely combinable features that are required for ID management, authentication, and authorization, such as ID inventory, ID life cycle management, single sign-on, authentication control based on the conditions of the end device in use, and multi-factor authentication. This enhances ID governance and authentication security.

Solution Features

Support for Even Complex ID Governance Management

We perform integration of the "midPoint (Evolveum s.r.o.)" open source software, which was specialized for ID governance management, in accordance with customer requirements. This solution supports even complex requirements that are difficult to implement with conventional IDaaS, such as controlling access to various systems according to roles and attributes and managing IDs according to life cycles.

Improved Convenience through Single Sign-On Combined with IDaaS

We provide a single sign-on environment that is linked with the IDs of various services via IIJ's IDaaS, "IIJ ID Service," which has an extensive track record. It also supports powerful multi-factor authentication that is useful for detecting and preventing unauthorized logins.
In addition, a proxy authentication SSO that uses the "OpenIG" open source proxy authentication server can be deployed for services or systems that do not support SAML.

Low Running Costs for Peace of Mind, Even if the Number of Users Increases

This solution delivers low running costs by combining open source software with the IIJ ID Service that can be used starting from 200 yen per month. The only costs after deployment are the maintenance fees (fixed) + IIJ ID Service (pay-as-you-go), thereby minimizing cost increases, even if the number of users increases.

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