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IIJ LoRaWAN(R) Solution for HACCP Temperature Management

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ LoRaWAN® Solution for HACCP Temperature Management implements the automatic collection of temperature data and the monitoring and notification of abnormalities easily and at low cost at worksites that manufacture, store, sell, or provide food.
This solution automates temperature recording for refrigerator and freezer storage in sanitation control processes that comply with HACCP (pronounced "hassup").
We provide temperature sensors, gateways, communication SIMs, and an all-in-one cloud application that saves data and visualizes the temperature.

Solution Features

Contributing to the Reduction of Personnel Costs and Work Mistakes via Automation and Remote Visualization of Temperature Checks

This solution reduces personnel costs by automating the work of temperature checks and ledger entry, which were previously performed by manual labor, and storing the data on the cloud. It prevents entry mistakes and entry omissions.
Also, the measurement data can be checked remotely at any time by using a device such as a PC or smartphone.

Sensors Run on Batteries. Easy Installation without Construction

The sensors run on batteries that last for several years by utilizing LoRaWAN®, a low power consumption wireless standard.
Also, no power supply installation or wiring work is needed when installing the sensors.
The sensors can also be easily retrofitted on existing kitchen equipment.

Thanks to LoRaWAN®, Expandability for Connecting Other Devices

The use of LoRaWAN®, with its international open wireless communication standard, supports a wide range of sensors.
A sensor and gateway can communicate at a range from several meters to several kilometers (*), making expansion easy even after deployment.

* Depends on obstructions and the environment.

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