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IIJ GIO Remote Access Service TypeA

About the Service Overview

The IIJ GIO Remote Access Service TypeA provides highly reliable remote access to internal networks and IIJ services over the Internet from anywhere.

Service Features

Mobile Connectivity Enables Access Regardless of Location, Type of Device, or Availability of Wired Access

With this service, you can easily connect to IIJ services and internal networks over the Internet from anywhere using any type of device, including smartphones, tablets, and mobile PCs. This cloud-based service is perfect for small-scale startups as it can be configured in accordance with budget and requirements.

Robust Security Protection Against Spoofing and Unauthorized Access

This service provides secure remote access through such security features as one-time passwords (matrix authentication) and highly configurable access control based on connection times, source IP addresses, MAC addresses, and services.

Seamless Connectivity and a Broader use of IIJ Services Through Remote Access

You can directly connect to and use IIJ services through the IIJ GIO Remote Access Service TypeA. If you are subscribed to both this service and the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service, for example, you can increase web access security for mobile devices.

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