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IIJ EU Representative/UK Representative Service

About the Service Overview

Companies that conduct business in the EU without having any establishments in the EU must appoint an EU representative, whether the person be controller or processor (Article 27 GDPR).
With the IIJ EU Representative Service, EU representatives for each EU country (the 27 countries of the EU and the UK) respond to inquiries from each EU country's Supervisory Authorities and data subjects (individuals who are in the EU) in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. (Other official languages of the EU are also supported.)
Since January 1, 2021, the UK GDPR has been applied in the UK, so companies from countries outside of the UK (including the EU and Japan) who provide goods and services to the UK are now obligated to appoint a UK representative.
This service can provide both the EU representative service and UK representative service under a single contract.

Service Features

Complete Service via EU Representatives/UK Representative and the IIJ Japan Team

If an EU/UK representative is appointed in any of the EU countries or the UK, this representative accepts inquiries from Supervisory Authorities and data subjects. The EU/UK representative communicates with the IIJ team who then discusses the inquiry with the service user in Japanese. The IIJ team receives the content of the service user's response in Japanese and communicates this with the local EU/UK representative. The EU/UK representative provides the actual response to the Supervisory Authority or data subject.

Advice from GDPR Experts

The IIJ EU Representative Service does more than simply respond to inquiries from Supervisory Authorities and data subjects. The service also has GDPR experts on standby to provide service users with expert advice on related issues. Issues resulting from incorrect responses to inquiries from data subjects may cause flaming and may be reported to Supervisory Authorities. Providing incorrect responses to inquiries from Supervisory Authorities increases the risk of incurring sanctions. Our ability to provide expert advice that reduces such risk is the best feature of this service.

Ability to Appoint EU Representatives in the 27 Countries of the EU and the UK (as of March 2020)

This service is provided for 28 countries: the 27 countries who are members of the EU and the United Kingdom.
When the transition period for the UK's withdrawal from the EU ends, starting January 2021, companies will be obligated to appoint a representative in the UK, but this service can cover both EU representatives and UK representatives for the same price.

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