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IIJ Secure Endpoint Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Secure Endpoint Service is a cloud-based system that defends against external threats and prevents internal information leaks. By utilizing a number of antivirus and IT asset management features that detect and isolate malware and track the path to infection, the operation that caused the infection can be countered to prevent recurrence.

* If you are using only "Antivirus: BlackBerry" and "IT asset management for mobile", signing up for optional connection is not necessary.

(*1) The agent software needs to be installed for each function you want to use.

(*2) Communication on the management console terminal of "IT asset management" is restricted by the connection source IP address on the service equipment side.

Service Features

Introducing Antivirus and IT Asset Management Features Without Any Equipment

This single service provides multiple antivirus and asset management features that counter external threats and prevent information leaks from the inside. The features can be customized based on your existing countermeasures and issues and do not require any special equipment to be introduced.

Comprehensive Features to Enable Centralized Management for PCs, iOS, and Android

This service enables asset management for not only PCs but also smart devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This service also features mobile device management (MDM) to manage end devices remotely.

Quickly Grasping the Status of Endpoints from IIJ's Own Portal Site

We provide IIJ's proprietary portal site, in addition to the management screen of each product. By displaying the information and alerts from each feature in one place, the security status of endpoints can be quickly grasped.

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