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IIJ EMM Utilization Support Solution for Microsoft

About the Solution Overview

IIJ EMM Utilization Support Solution for Microsoft is a solution that examines, creates, and verifies the operation of policies that will become an issue after Microsoft Intune is implemented. With its extensive experience in implementing and operating Microsoft 365, IIJ greatly reduces the burden on customers and makes end device management and operations easier in the era of hybrid work.
Moreover, IIJ provides simple and easy-to-understand support through operations support with a ticket system.

Solution Features

IIJ's own recommended policies for easy implementation in Microsoft Intune

Based on the security baselines defined by Microsoft, IIJ creates its own recommended policies based on IIJ's wealth of knowledge gained from the implementation of Microsoft 365. They are provided in a form that can be added to the security baselines defined by Microsoft and applied immediately by the customer. Furthermore, IIJ Support optimizes these policies according to the customer's use situation.

Implementation of time-consuming operation verification on behalf of the customer

In addition to operation verification of policy content, IIJ also verifies the operation of highly useful new features released by Microsoft Intune. This greatly reduces the amount of work that must be performed by the customer and allows the full utilization of the features of Microsoft Intune.

Ticket-based, simple & inexpensive fee structure

Our ticket-based system allows you to outsource policy creation and operation verification, which are generally expensive, at low cost based on the content of inquiries. This allows for simple and easy-to-understand Microsoft Intune operations.

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