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IIJ Electronic contact/communication Note Service

About the Service Overview

IIJ's Electronic Contact/Communication Note Service is a multidisciplinary cooperative platform that allows for coordinating comprehensive community care with local medical practitioners. It gives professionals involved in local health care and welfare (including long-term care) a place to easily share patient information. IIJ is providing the service infrastructure for the NU-Med Electronic Notebook, which was jointly developed by the NU-Med Initiative and the Nagoya University Hospital's Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research.

Service Features

Security in Strict Compliance with Medical Information Guidelines

This service provides system operations that meets medical information guidelines and regulations implemented by various government agencies to achieve a high level of security for medical information handling.

Available starting from ¥200,000 per month without any initial setup fees

Because this is a cloud-based service, it is available for just a monthly subscription, without any need for initial setup costs. The service uses a subscription model that corresponds to the number of patients registered with contracting local governments. There are no limits to the number of registered professionals. Moreover, there are no established minimum contract limits.

Trusted by Many Government Offices (Large Medical Facilities)

This service is trusted and used by many government offices throughout the country, primarily in Aichi and Ibaraki prefectures.
With our extensive experience in implementing and operating ICT systems in support of regional comprehensive care program, IIJ can provide consulting support for implementation of such systems upon request.

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