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IIJ Electronic contact/communication Note Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Electronic contact/communication Note Service is a "multi-professional coordination platform" that connects professionals who support community life, such as medical, welfare, nursing care, and public administration professionals.
The service was developed and is provided by IIJ in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, Department of Advanced Medical Development, Nagoya University Hospital.

The Service solves the following issues in medical and nursing care.

Communication among professionals

Enable safe communication among professionals of various fields such as doctors, visiting nurses, and care managers. [Coronavirus measure]

Linking of patient information at time of discharge

Share patient information with the home support team when patients are discharged.

Wide-area coordination with professionals in other cities and towns

Enable coordination among professionals beyond the framework of municipalities. [Coronavirus measure]

Information sharing between patients/family members and professionals

Make it possible to know the daily situation of patients (family members) to improve the quality of medical care. [Coronavirus measure]

Holding of online conferences

Support the holding of online conferences among professionals (for coordination of local clinics, function strengthening, etc.). [Coronavirus measure]

Sharing of vaccination status

Record and share the vaccination status of patients within the support team. [Coronavirus measure]

The Service solves the following issues for public administration.

Visualization of local resources

Easily disclose information on medical and nursing facilities, gatherings, and exercise classes for residents. [Utilization of local resources]

Online video conferences

Hold preventive care meetings and community care meetings in a safe and secure manner through the use of video conferencing tools. [Coronavirus measure] [Work style reform]

Moving nursing care certification review online

Move nursing care certification review meetings online, making them non-face-to-face, paperless, safe and efficient. [Work style reform] [DX]

Support for people in need of assistance during disasters

Check the safety of people in need of assistance and perform information sharing between the public administration and support teams (map information, timeline). [Emergencies/Contingencies]

Provision of information to rescuers

Supply the necessary information (family doctor, emergency contact information) and provide transportation support for rescuers. [Emergencies/Contingencies]

Dealing with the lack of parking space

Share information about vacant spaces in the area and make up for the shortage of parking lots for professionals. [Utilization of local resources]

Initiatives to optimize medical costs

Provide seamless support, from analysis of medical costs to efficient health guidance by public health nurses. [Utilization of local resources]

Watching over those who need assistance or live alone

Build a system to watch over people who need assistance or live alone in cooperation with Mimamori Sensor. [Work style reform] [DX]

Utilization of smartphones and tablets

Provide recommended terminals such as PCs and smart devices (that have been initialized) and various communication environments. [Work style reform] [DX]

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