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IIJ Document Exchange Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Document Exchange Service (DOX) is an online storage easily accessible from a Web browser. This service is ideal to exchange and distribute files internally and with other companies.

Service Features

Large-Capacity Online Storage Service with Wide-Bandwidth Connectivity

Large capacity disks starting from 100 GB or 1 TB are available at low cost. Connections to service facilities are 10 Gbps links so that users can download and upload files without frustration.

Robust Security Features to Keep Your Data Safe

All data is encrypted when stored. Transmission over SSL is performed and uploaded files are scanned for viruses-detection each time. Access Control based on Source IP address can be configured to help protect your important data.

Offsite Disaster Recovery Backups

Offsite backups of customer data are performed on a regular basis. This minimizes data loss and ensures availability of DOX functionality during disasters. (DR Option)

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