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IIJ DDoS Protection Service/Edge

About the Service Overview

IIJ DDoS Protection Service/Edge is a service where sensors are installed internally at the customer's company to constantly protect customer systems from DDoS attacks and targeted attacks. In addition to conventional DDoS mitigation functions, threat intelligence is used to block not only external attacks, but also malicious internal traffic. And, this service can be linked with the IIJ DDoS Protection Service to protect against large-scale DDoS attacks, too.

Service Features

Constant Traffic Monitoring Protects Against Small-Scale DDoS Attacks

Conventional DDoS protection is performed by combining detection and protection based on traffic flow sampling. With this service, full packet inspections based on inline installation are performed. This protects against even small-scale attacks that are difficult to detect, such as slow HTTP attacks.

Uses Threat Intelligence to Protect Against Unauthorized Traffic

The service uses the "ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF)," proprietary threat intelligence provided by NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC., to perform DDoS attack mitigation and provide countermeasures to threats such as targeted attacks. Measures can be taken against the spread of latent internal threats, such as communication with botnets or C&C servers.

Cloud Signaling Function Also Enables Protection from Large-Scale Attacks

When the volume of traffic exceeds a certain level, the service links automatically to "IIJ DDoS Protection Service" located within the IIJ backbone (cloud signaling). By rerouting to the protection system on the backbone side, we provide a solution to line congestion.

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