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IIJ Data Center Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Data Center Service provides high-quality data center facilities and many value-added network services to help establish stable infrastructure platforms. This improves both reliability and efficiency in your company.

Service Features

Domestic Locations Plus Overseas Expansion

In addition to our highly available data centers in major metropolitan areas, we also have data centers located in more suburban areas to facilitate highly reliable multi-site operations and ensure business continuity during disasters. With data centers located at major cities throughout the world, we continue to provide a Japanese-quality data center service available from anywhere.

Network Data Centers Directly Connected to Our High-bandwidth Backbone

Access the IIJ high-bandwidth backbone with only an internal connection. Our services enable deployment of systems on high-speed and stable network platforms.

Linked with Other Highly Expandable Solutions

Many solutions can be linked together via our data centers functioning as a platform. Customers are free to select only the services/functionality they need. With our infrastructure and many available service solutions, you can create a complete, customized solutions that satisfy your requirements.

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