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IIJ IaaS Security Audit Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ IaaS Security Audit Solution provides centralized management of multi-cloud systems under a unified policy and monitors whether there are vulnerable settings. This solution identifies potential risks by visualizing cloud environments that are prone to complexity.

Solution Features

What is CSPM?

CSPM is a tool that performs integrated management by continuously analyzing whether each IaaS resource has a secure status.
This solution utilizes the "Prisma Cloud" CSPM product by Palo Alto Networks to analyze settings such as account control, networks, and storage, and resource settings such as encryption, by using only an API link. The solution detects vulnerable settings and provides corrective actions.

Centralized Visualization of Multi-Cloud

Linking via the API enables the use of functions such as the detection of account settings and assets, the analysis of network configurations, the analysis of the network traffic, and compliance monitoring.

Easy Identification and Analysis of Problematic Cloud Locations

After problematic points are detected, they are sorted according to their threat level. Relevant setting changes and the status of alert generation are displayed chronologically to support cause analysis.
Also, network traffic originating from points of suspicious access is detected and visualized in an image.

Support from Deployment to Operations

IIJ provides support not only for deployment assistance, including policy tuning, but also for operations after deployment. We provide guidance for English language alert descriptions and correction methods translated into Japanese.

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