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IIJ consulting service

About the Service Overview

IIJ consulting services are designed to help customers achieve strategic IT utilization and bring about speedy management as required for the digital age.
Utilizing the technological capabilities we have cultivated as a service provider, we will work to realize a truly optimal IT environment for our customers, without depending on any particular service or product.

Service Features

World-leading technical experience

"Always adopts the best technology and uses it in ingenious ways to ensure stable operation."
We apply the technological experience, which we have cultivated as a service provider, to the transformation of corporate IT.

Deep understanding of corporate culture

We fully utilize the know-how that we have acquired through our projects in all domestic industries, from manufacturing and distribution to finance and the public sector.

Increasing customers' IT policy execution speed

We produce results in a short period of time by making full use of standardized consulting assets and technology consultants, without aiming for long-term contracts.

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