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IIJ Content Management Solution

About the Solution Overview

IIJ Content Management Solution provides a one-stop solution for everything required in a website, including CMS deployment, GDPR solutions, and accessibility support. Server infrastructure and Web security solutions are also supported. We can resolve any of the Web administrator's queries and issues, to lessen workloads.

Solution Features

Resolution of Various Website-Related Issues

We provide a one-stop solution for everything related to the public Web, including content and CMS. And we respond promptly to consultation requests.

<Examples of provided content>

  •  • Site diagnosis
  •  • Information organization
  •  • Website conception and buildout
  •  • Design
  •  • Accessibility support
  •  • Usability support
  •  • CMS design and implementation
  •  • Operational support

Proven Record of Website Operation

We create websites that can be easily viewed by anyone, taking accessibility and usability into consideration, based on our proven track record over many years.

<Examples of achievements>

  •  • Overhaul of an in-house portal at a financial institution
  •  • Main website of a government agency, etc.

CMS Deployment According to Work Characteristics and Implementation of Web Accessibility Support

All of the typical CMS products are available, such as ALAYA, NOREN, and WebRelease2, and we provide websites that support Web accessibility using CMS products.

Support for GDPR Solutions

IIJ was a pioneer in providing GDPR support and has built up an abundance of achievements. We utilize this knowledge to support compliance with Cookie regulations, which is required globally.

Website Security Solutions

We protect customers' websites with a Web security platform that performs comprehensive Web security measures against a diverse range of attacks on the websites.

Implementation of Multi-Cloud Environments According to Website Characteristics

AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, or IIJ's "IIJ GIO Infrastructure P2" cloud service can be used. We can implement a multi-cloud environment at a customer's requests.

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