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IIJ Cloud Exchange Service for GCP Partner Interconnect

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Cloud Exchange Service for GCP Partner Interconnect is a service that connects the Google Cloud Platform (hereinafter, GCP) and on-premise equipment over a closed network. Use the IIJ Private Backbone Service as an intermediary, and build a dedicated private network between the GCP closed network connection service, Partner Interconnect, and your on-premise equipment. You can build a highly reliable network with multi-carrier connectivity.

Service Features

Securely Connect GCP with On-Premise Equipment

Connect your internal, closed network with GCP Partner Interconnect to enable secure cloud connectivity. Multi-carrier connections are supported for Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc., so you can connect any WAN service you use.

Redundant Lines and Guaranteed Bandwidth at a Fixed Cost* Providing Ease of Use

As standard, we provide redundancy in physical lines by multi-carrier transmissions. You can also utilize guaranteed bandwidth through which a stable communication environment can be achieved.

* GCP will charge for the data sent from GCP separately.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Framework

Connect the regions of both Tokyo and Osaka to achieve a multi-home framework allowing data redundancy between eastern and western Japan.

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