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IIJ Cloud Web Hosting Service

About the Service Overview

IIJ Cloud Web Hosting Service is the optimal corporate Web hosting service for the websites of companies.

In addition to a web service infrastructure focused on stability, we provide extensive countermeasures for information leaks and site crashes caused by remote attacks. This enables websites to be operated with peace of mind.

In-house cloud service "IIJ GIO" used for service facilities

Service Features

Design Focused on Stability. Peace of Mind Even when Access Is Highly Concentrated

Websites that are slow or crash will unavoidably have an effect on business.

With this service, we provide each customer with an independent virtual server. This delivers stable performance that is not easily affected by other licensees.

Also, when the access concentration temporarily spikes, the plan can be changed instantaneously to raise the server specifications.

Extensive Options and Enhanced Security

The targets of cyber attacks are not only nation states and large companies. A wide range of company websites, such as corporate sites and e-commerce sites, are threatened.

This service provides virus scans and firewalls as standard functions. If the customer adds optional Web tampering detection, WAF, and DDoS protection, security can be further enhanced.

Functions to Delight Web Administrators and Web Creators

The latest versions of Perl, PHP, and the database (MariaDB), which have already been validated by IIJ, are installed. The application of security patches is also unnecessary.

Furthermore, we provide functions which delight Web administrators, such as a staging environment and automatic updates for server certificates, at no additional cost.

These functions can be used in combination with the various services needed for website operation, such as domain management, DNS, CDN, and Cookie banners.

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