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IIJ Cloud Proxy Service

About the Service Overview

This network service handles the difficulties of web access via SaaS by sorting traffic into the optimal channels on the cloud. It resolves issues including strain on the gateway equipment caused by large numbers of sessions and heavy traffic.

Service Features

Optimal Division that Meets Your Needs Is Achieved on the Cloud

By properly distributing your traffic, the cloud proxy reduces the strain on the firewall, proxy, and other equipment. The dedicated lines and equipment needed to divide traffic on-location become unnecessary, thereby reducing costs.

Entrust Destination List Updates to the Service, and Simplify Rule Creation

SaaS, starting with Microsoft 365, update URLs and destination IP addresses on a daily basis. This service accordingly provides updated destination lists to allow administrators to keep track of SaaS updates whose timing is irregular, thereby freeing them up from tiresome maintenance.

Usable Even for Disaster Recovery in Multi-Region Facilities

You can select from the East Japan or West Japan region, or contract with both regions as a disaster countermeasure.

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