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IIJ Cloud File Server Solution

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Cloud File Server Solution provides cloud-based file servers by combining Panzura cloud storage gateways with IIJ Object Storage Service, Azure Blob Storage, and other object storage services. User operation of these high-performance services is the same as that for conventional file servers (CIFS).

Service Features

High-speed Cloud-based File Servers are Now a Reality

・Often-used data is stored as cache data in Panzura SSDs. Metadata is also stored locally so that every file search does not require communication with cloud storage.

・Only data not available on the cloud is retrieved in blocks and then stored (deduplication) to significantly reduce data amounts and access times.

・Only incremental data is exchanged between Panzura and cloud storage so that sufficient performance can be obtained even with low-bandwidth networks.

Access to Global File Systems

・Original data is stored in cloud storage while metadata is stored in Panzura. Installing Panzura systems at multiple sites provides consistency of folder structure and available files from any site.

・With exclusive control functions, the same file can be edited from multiple locations.

Increased Availability

・Panzura systems encrypt all data stored in the Panzura system, data exchanged between Panzura and cloud storage, and data stored in cloud storage using AES 256-bit encryption.

・The snapshot tool is used for backup and version control. With VSS, individual users can back up and restore files..

・With IIJ Object Storage Service, which boasts high-availability of at least 99.999999999%, you can create extremely robust file servers. Additionally, because only the Panzura system itself requires onsite operation, disaster recovery and BCP solutions can be implemented easily at low cost.

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