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China IoT Solutions (IoT Communication Solutions)

About the Solution Overview

IIJ provides Japan's domestic market with IoT SIM cards from China Mobile Limited (China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd.), China's leading M2M operator. We also support work such as device procurement and local cloud buildout operations in China.
In collaboration with our group company in China (IIJ Global Solutions China), we offer powerful support for the promotion of our customer's IoT businesses in the domestic Chinese market.

Solution Features

Providing China Mobile IoT SIM Cards in Japan's Domestic Market (*1)

IIJ provides customers in Japan with 2G, 3G and 4G compatible IoT SIM cards, starting from one lot (250 cards). We also support device selection, certification acquisition (CCC/SRRC/NAL) and local cloud buildout operations.

(*1) IoT SIM cards are data SIM cards made by China Mobile for exclusive use within China. They cannot be used outside of China.

China Mobile's Proprietary Management Portal (OneLink) Enables Flexible Operations

Customers can use the highly reliable, secure, and high-speed China Mobile IoT services via the dedicated management portal (China Mobile OneLink).
Life cycle management, such as SIM card cancellation or suspension, can be operated by customers themselves on the dedicated management portal.
A diverse range of reporting functions are also provided, which enable the SIM card operational state to be checked at any time on the dashboard.

From 40 Yen per Month per SIM Card

Pricing starts at a low monthly communication fee of 40 yen (5 MB monthly contract) for each SIM card, and the Traffic Pool Function enables the used communication data amount to be shared.
On request, we also provide proprietary APN settings and closed network buildout at low prices.

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