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IIJ Contents Delivery Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Contents Delivery Service enables stable streaming of high-quality video content.

Service Features

Stable Large-Scale Delivery with Direct Connectivity to the IIJ Backbone at Speeds up to 100 Gbps

We provide a stable delivery environment with delivery equipment connected directly to one of the largest backbones in Japan. Because IIJ connects directly to and exchanges routes with major ISPs, we are able to delivery content reliably and quickly to any destination.

Flexible Pricing for Peace of Mind Even during Times of Excessive Traffic

In addition to fixed-rate billing based on your contracted bandwidth, we also offer volume-based billing which has the benefit of no additional fee for excessive traffic during some predetermined amount of time.

Capability to Deliver Video Content to Smart Devices, Game Consoles, and IPTV Devices

This service can deliver video content optimized for different types of devices including PCs, iOS and Android smart devices, game consoles, and IPTV devices. Only one video file needs to be uploaded. IIJ delivery servers will automatically convert the file into different formats.

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