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IIJ CASB Solution

About the Solution Overview

The IIJ Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solution helps prevent information leaks by providing a visualization of the cloud services used without permission (shadow IT) and the cloud services contracted for use by the company. Integrating this service with other IIJ services also helps control shadow IT issues. We provide full support of this solution from implementation through operations.

Solution Features

Visualization of Shadow IT

Visualization of shadow IT, or the unauthorized use of cloud services, provides insight into who is using what. This helps prevent information leaks.

Facilitates Governance over Cloud Usage

This solution helps ensure compliance of Microsoft 365, Box, and other cloud services contracted for use by the company and helps prevent information leaks.

Works Together with Other IIJ Services

Using this service together with the IIJ Secure Web Gateway Service and other services enables control of shadow IT issues detected by CASB.

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