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IIJ C-SOC Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ C-SOC Service provides security monitoring and threat analysis of security logs collected from firewalls, other security devices, and your operations equipment 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to help keep environments secure.We beef up your security measures in ways that include suggesting countermeasures in response to incidents, and even changing the settings on IIJ-operated equipment.

Select from our three plans: Premium, Advanced, or Basic.

Service Features

Threat Visualization Through Security Intelligence

This service provides access to analysis logs and alerts from security equipment as well as backbone traffic, DNS queries, and other external information. This information is collected and analyzed by our security intelligence system to provide you with statistics, early detection of threats, and security configuration/policy suggestions.

Total Support from Device Operation to Incident Response

This service provides total support from installation and operation of security equipment to log collection and analysis. When incidents occur, IIJ will change configurations of IIJ-operated equipment as necessary to rapidly respond to serious attacks.

Operations Staffed with Experienced Security Analysts

IIJ employs many security analysts experienced with protecting critical systems such as financial services, government systems, and e-commerce sites. IIJ has the experience and track record to protect you from threats that become more sophisticated every day.

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