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IIJ Mobile Biz Plus Service

About the Service Overview

The IIJ Mobile Biz+ Service improves security by only allowing connections required for business. Utilize existing VPN environments to create even more secure remote access environments.

Service Features

Restrict Device Accessibility to Block Access to Unnecessary Sites

By authorizing access only to the remote access gateway, devices is allowed to access only to internal networks so that mobile devices cannot be used for personal use during business hours.

Flexible Configurability in Accordance with Corporate Policies

Select the account type that best matches your security policy. Account types available include the IIJ Mobile Biz+ Shared Account, which can be configured as a shared account with a single password, and IIJ Mobile Biz+ Individual Accounts, which are provisioned per connection with unique passwords.

Mobile Connections under Contract Can Be Managed and Configured from a Web Browser

The IIJ Service Online management interface provides centralized control and individual control of contract mobile connections as well as the capability to manage and configure the environment optimized for your use.

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