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IIJ Attack Surface Assessment Solution

About the Solution Overview

IIJ Attack Surface Assessment Solution visualizes intrusion points that can be at the origin of security breach incidents by remotely collecting and analyzing information about servers, network devices, IoT devices, and other assets exposed on the Internet. It discovers and evaluates IT assets of organizations that may become targets.

Solution Features

Automated Exploration of Attack Surface and Visualization of Risks

Searches for IT assets via the Internet based on customer domain information and other relevant data. Automatically identifies attack surfaces that may not be fully recognized by the Information Systems Management Department.

Presentation of Actions Necessary to Address Visualized Risks

Identified risks are rated in 5 levels according to their severity. From the Issue list, you can quickly see the severity of risks and the necessary actions.

Spot Risk Assessments Can Be Performed Using Mandiant ASM

This solution uses Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management (hereinafter, Mandiant ASM).
Mandiant ASM combines extensive enterprise-level visualization with continuous monitoring capabilities using Mandiant's threat intelligence.
By using Mandiant ASM, which is offered as an annual subscription-based service, you can conduct spot risk assessments to meet your specific needs.

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