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IIJ Leaked Account Detection Solution

About the Solution Overview

IIJ Leaked Account Detection Solution provides investigation and advice for leaked accounts. It prevents the exploitation of account information and the commercialization of criminal activities, supporting the reduction of risks in customers' cloud usage.

Solution Features

Easily Initiate the Investigation of Leaked Accounts with Just the Domain Name

By specifying the domain name used for the accounts, you can promptly conduct investigations into any leaked accounts, and if any are detected, we will swiftly provide information regarding the associated risks and necessary actions.

Detection of Leaks from Personal Computers and Smartphones

Major browsers allow synchronization of account and password settings with the computer upon login. Even with secure company-provided PCs, there is a risk of leakage of account and password information from home PCs due to synchronization. Our solution utilizes Internet threat intelligence investigations to detect leaks.

Full Technical Support Allows Worry-free Operation Even After Installation

In addition to product-related support, our expert security engineers support your operations by leveraging IIJ's proprietary research information and expertise to provide advice on detection results and protection strategies.

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