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Matsue Data Center Park

Japan’s first containerized data center facility with outside-air cooling systems!
Also supports disaster recovery as a cloud-services base for western Japan

IIJ Matsue Data Center Park was opened in Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture, in April 2011 as a major hub for IIJ cloud services. Following the opening of the initial Site 1 (for 24 containers), in November 2013 we also opened Site 2, which is the same size, on adjacent land to cope with further growth in demand.

This data center features IZmo units, IT modules developed by IIJ and imbued with its extensive data center operational knowhow. Although externally, it looks different from a conventional building-based data center, it provides the same features and reliability as a building-based one. To ensure a stable power supply, the facility has a redundant power receiving system, emergency generators, and UPS systems. It also has security systems that include intrusion detection and other surveillance camera systems as well as an entry/exit management system.

To address energy issues, we also adopted a type of air-conditioning system that uses outside air to reduce the power consumed by air-conditioning equipment, which accounts for the bulk of data center power usage. Moreover, we are working on the use of electricity derived from renewable energy with the aim of realizing carbon offsets.

Main applications

  • Site for IT services (cloud, network, security services) that IIJ provides
  • Installation of customer-dedicated containers
  • R&D on containerized data center modules, outside-air cooling systems

Main specifications

  • Uses containerized data center modules (developed by IIJ) that differ from conventional building-based data centers
  • Realizes energy savings from outside-air cooling systems (developed by IIJ)
  • Contributes to carbon offsets by using electricity derived from renewable energy

About the Matsue Data Center Park name

The naming is a nod to the IT modules being installed in a park-like setting, as opposed to the concrete buildings data centers are conventionally housed in.

Facilities specifications

Site 1 Site 2
Location Matsue-shi, Shimane Prefecture
Date opened April 2011 November 2013
Site area 16,000㎡
Racks installed Two-site total: 500 racks
Air conditioning Outside-air cooling
Maximum power received Two-site total: 4,000kVA
Carbon offset initiatives
  • Electricity savings from outside-air cooling
  • Use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources (non-fossil fuel certified)
  • Solar power generation facilities (scheduled to be) installed
Power receiving method High-voltage power receiving (two systems)
UPS N+1 redundant architecture
Emergency generators Over 24 hours of continuous operation
Security Intrusion detection, surveillance cameras, entry/exit management
Fire protection Fire detection systems, N2 gas fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers
Operations monitoring 24/365 manned surveillance
  • Equivalent to Japan Data Center Association (JDCC) Facility Standard Tier 3
  • International standards: ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 14001 (EMS)

Auxiliary facilities

  • Administration building, electrical equipment building
  • IT modules for demonstration testing

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