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IZmo IT modules

At IIJ, we refer to the boxes that house servers and other IT equipment as IT modules, and because these boxes are like ISO containers, we call them containerized data centers. Modularizing at the individual IT device level provides benefits in terms of scalability, cost reductions, and obsolescence prevention, and the modules also offer solutions to the problems of existing data centers through improved cooling efficiency and equipment density.

Improved cooling efficiency and equipment density

IIJ’s IZmo IT module is designed to increase IT equipment density while improving cooling efficiency.

The IT equipment divides the inside of the container into two spaces: (1) the cold aisle on the IT equipment intake side and (2) the hot aisle on the IT equipment exhaust side. This creates an efficient flow of air within the limited space, enhancing air-conditioning efficiency. And with our IZmo/S modules, we have achieved efficient IT equipment cooling by arranging the racks diagonally and supplying cold air from the side.

We have obtained a patent on this diagonal rack arrangement in view of its originality (patent number: 5064538).

Increasing the installation density of servers and other IT equipment results in increased heat generation, leading to an increase in power consumed per rack, and this necessitates advanced cooling technology. The IZmo IT modules developed by IIJ achieve energy savings through the use of outside-air cooling while also making it possible to efficiently accommodate IT equipment within a small container space and cool the high levels of heat generated. At IIJ’s Matsue Data Center Park, 19-inch racks can be fully loaded with IT equipment.

Made smaller to reduce transport costs

The IZmo series of modules are “portable data centers”. IZmo/W can be transported by trailer. With IZmo/S, we reduced container width to under 2.5m by arranging the racks diagonally, so these modules can be transported on a normal large truck, and not only does this simplify things in terms of special vehicle traffic permits and the like, it also reduces transport costs to about a third. co-IZmo uses an ISO standard 20ft container size, so it can also be transported on an ordinary large truck.

Operating without human entry

IZmo modules are not buildings. They are facilities, and as such, they ordinarily need to run unmanned. IZmo modules have monitoring and fire extinguishing systems for this purpose, and we already have a system for the integrated management of multiple IZmo units in operation.

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