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co-IZmo/I is a containerized module with the following features, providing flexibility that makes it suitable for small- up to large-scale installations.

1. All necessary functionality built in (air conditioning, racks, cabling, security, fire equipment, etc.)

  • Reduces design time and cost
  • Reduces on-site construction time and cost

2. Indirect outside-air cooling system

  • Achieves high energy-saving performance
  • Installation not dependent on external environment (can be installed in locations with poor air quality, high temperature/humidity)

3. Modular structure

  • Can be expanded in increments according to demand
  • Abundance of options (UPS modules, emergency generators, vestibules, etc.)
  • Integrated IT/air-conditioning module
  • Uses combination of indirect outdoor-air cooling and chillers
  • Expandable by joining additional modules
  • Module size: 20-foot ISO container
  • Common size for all modules 6.1m × 2.5m × 2.9m
  • N+2 air-conditioning system
  • Cooling capacity: 40kW (indirect outdoor air / integrated outdoor unit)
  • 4 racks
  • Maximum fan airflow: 12,000m3/h
  • Proprietary standards based on Ashrae’s 2008 Recommended guidelines
  • Fire detection sensors
  • pPUE: 1.17 (design value)

The figure below shows a 12-rack configuration in which three IT modules are joined together. The UPSs and air conditioning systems have redundancy built in to provide the facilities necessary for a data center in an integrated unit. Effectively up to 10kW of power is available per rack, enabling high-density mounting.

The modules can also be used to build data centers with hundreds of racks, as illustrated in the figure below.

For more information on co-IZmo/I or to request a quote, please see the product page.

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