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About IIJ's Security Brand "wizSafe "

wizSafe is a brand that collectively refers to IIJ's security initiatives for achieving customer safety.

Our Message

“Passion” that has supported the Internet in Japan
“Technological capability” that continues to protect customers from new threats
IIJ will bring about a world where all people feel secure.

The future of security that IIJ is striving toward

IIJ aims to provide services with built-in security, bringing about a future in which companies can focus on their primary activities, and people can live in peace, without worrying about threats. As a pioneer working on leading-edge technologies, IIJ will protect potential victims from all manner of IT threats, contributing to a safe and secure society.


Creating an environment in which IT users can focus on their primary interests

Product Development in Various Industries

Contributing to the development of products that utilize IIJ's secure services and solutions in various industries


Proposing a safe and secure IT lifestyle at home

The Thought Put into wizSafe

“We take pride in our technological prowess,
and want our customers and society as a whole to feel safe”

The Thought Put into wizSafe

Security Made Possible Because IIJ is an ISP

In 1992, IIJ was established as the first commercial Internet service provider (ISP) in Japan. Backed by world-leading network technology, we have continued to contribute to improving the security level of customer networks.

Operational Capability × Overall Capability

Total security that can only be provided due to IIJ's thorough knowledge of networks.

Operational Capability
by proven results

Our services benefit from the know-how we have built up over more than 20 years of running systems across thousands of devices in different forms, from hosting solutions to cloud infrastructure.

From backbone to endpoints

We offer security measures that make full use of our Overall Capability as an ISP, from DDoS countermeasures that are effective on the ISP side, to security intelligence based on backbone traffic, DNS queries, and vast quantities of logs from security equipment.

Security Initiatives for a Safe Society

Independent information gathering activities

At IIJ, we gather information to discover issues and incidents that occur on the Internet on a daily basis at an early stage, and implement measures on IIJ services as quickly as possible. These activities include accumulation of information on the handling of incidents that actually occurred through public monitoring of general news, collection of vulnerability information, and malware analysis.

Web Crawlers

Web crawlers are systems for observing malware that infects devices by exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and their plug-ins. They monitor the Web pages of users in the IIJ network for malicious websites or code that redirects users to such websites, and take actions such as temporarily shutting down sites as deemed necessary.
Web Crawlers

MITF(Malware Investigation Task Force)

The MITF is a project for carrying out anti-malware activities that began from May 2007. Honeypots are installed within the IIJ backbone to observe network-based attacks and the status of malware activity. We implement countermeasures based on information acquired through recording attacks, as well as obtaining and analyzing specimens.
MITF(Malware Investigation Task Force)

Reporting the Latest Technological Trends and Security Information

We proactively distribute technical reports detailing the knowledge and information we have obtained through observing incidents and operating our services.

IIR(Internet Infrastructure Review)

We publish the latest security information and technological trends in a quarterly report.

IIR(Internet Infrastructure Review)

IIJ-SECT(IIJ group Security Coordination Team)

We report on security incidents IIJ has taken note of in blog format.

IIJ-SECT(IIJ group Security Coordination Team)

Contributing to Global Activities for Internet Development

IIJ joined the international CSIRT organization FIRST in 2002, and has fostered deeper international collaboration. In Japan we have also deepened coordination with various organizations, including participating in the establishment of the Nippon CSIRT Association, improving our collective ability to handle incidents.

Organizations in which we participate


Contact Us 

Contact Information


IIJ Information Center

(9:30 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:30 excluding weekends and public holidays)

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