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IIJ to Support Live Streaming at the Spring Festival in Tokyo 2022

Providing a new viewer experience by streaming free-viewpoint video

February 18, 2022
Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

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TOKYO-February 18, 2022-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced to livestream all performances of the Spring Festival in Tokyo which will be held primarily in Ueno from March 18 to April 19, 2022. IIJ will offer "free-viewpoint video" streaming, allowing viewers to move the camera's perspective (zoom in and out) to watch live performances with a sense of realism. Subtitles will also be available for some opera and lider performances.

The Spring Festival in Tokyo-one of the Japan's largest classical music festival-will offer paid live streams of approximately 65 performances in parallel with the real performances. IIJ will handle all operations necessary for these live streams-including ticketing, recording, transmitting videos, and providing video viewing site, etc. For all streaming operations, IIJ uses its video streaming platform, IIJ Media Sphere Service.

The streaming team will operate the venue cameras remotely from the streaming center, far removed from the concert halls, to save human resources for on-site support. IIJ has also developed a new smartphone app to make tickets more accessible using in-app purchases, increasing usability for viewers. The streaming tickets will go on sale at noon JST on March 1.

Through this support, IIJ will enhance its IIJ Media Sphere Service's functions and develop a streaming platform service that can provide everything from livestreaming for concerts and other events to a ticket payment system, thereby providing new viewing experiences to many customers.

Stream Details

Streams for approximately 65 performances, all live performances, from the Spring Festival in Tokyo 2022

How to Watch

Use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or other browsers to watch on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Viewers can also access performances through the smartphone app.

IIJ's Responsibilities

On-site support at the concert halls
Staff sets up the cameras and other broadcasting equipment.
Remote operations from the streaming center
The remote center's staff will manage and monitor operations, such as operating and switching among the cameras installed in the concert halls, as well as encoding (compression), and recording the video.
By consolidating the production of performances at multiple venues at the streaming center, IIJ minimizes the movement of production personnel and reduces the risk of infectious diseases.
Streaming platform
After encoding the audio and video data, it is transmitted through the Internet to the streaming servers on IIJ's cloud platform, and delivered to viewers via a content delivery network (CDN).
Ticketing and viewing website
IIJ offers ticketing system with payments, accounts management, and viewing website.
Ticketing on a smartphone app
IIJ has developed a smartphone app to make tickets more accessible using in-app purchases.


About the Spring Festival in Tokyo 2022

Dates: Friday, March 18–Tuesday, April 19, 2022
Celebrating the coming of spring to Tokyo through the medium of music, the Spring Festival in Tokyo is a music festival held at Ueno Park-a place that, starting in the Meiji Era, has developed into a mecca for culture and the arts in Japan. With performances at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and the various museums in the park, the festival lasts for a month during the beautiful time of the cherry blossoms. It offers a wide range of concerts, including opera, orchestra, and chamber music by top artists from Japan and abroad.

About IIJ

Founded in 1992, IIJ is one of Japan's leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ's services include high-quality Internet connectivity services, systems integration, cloud computing services, security services and mobile services. Moreover, IIJ has built one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. IIJ was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.

The statements within this release contain forward-looking statements about our future plans that involve risk and uncertainty. These statements may differ materially from actual future events or results.

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