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IIJ to Launch "IIJ Omnibus Service"-A New Generation of Cloud Networking Services

Uses SDN/NFV technologies to provide the functions that corporate networks require in the cloud and on demand

July 15, 2015

TOKYO-July 15, 2015-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), one of Japan's leading Internet access and comprehensive network solutions providers, today announced the September 2015 release of a new type of cloud-based networking services, one that virtualizes the network functions and offers them to corporate customers on demand: the IIJ Omnibus Service (IIJ Omnibus).

The new service employs Software Defined Networking (SDN)(*1) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV)(*2) technologies to provide enterprise-class network capabilities as Network as a Service (NaaS). IIJ Omnibus uses the Network Processing System (NPS)-IIJ's proprietary development-as a gateway and provides Internet, security, Wide-Area Network (WAN), and other functions that customers' networks need as service modules. Using IIJ Omnibus, customers can enjoy asset-light access to the functions when needed, without having to own on-premises routers, VPNs, firewalls, or other network equipment. Thus, they can greatly reduce the overhead and costs of ever-more-complicated security measures and network operations.

  • (*1)Software defined networking (SDN): A technology in which the entire network is centrally controlled by software in order to dynamically configure the network.
  • (*2)Network function virtualization (NFV): A technology that virtualizes functions previously implemented using dedicated devices and, instead, implements them as software on standard high-volume servers.

Overview of IIJ Omnibus

IIJ Omnibus automatically generates instances of NPS in private domains in the cloud that are dedicated to customers and provides various functional modules via the NPS gateways. Through a dedicated online portal, customers can order the functional modules that they require, and configure and manage them at will. The only device installed on the customer's premises or locations is a single service adaptor unit that IIJ provides free of charge. Just by connecting the adaptor to their networks, customers can automatically connect to the central network and easily create WANs using the automated management function.


NPS forms the core of the customer's virtual network; IIJ's proprietary SDN orchestrator automatically generates an instance of the system in the cloud. The NPS instance is generated quickly after the customer places the order on the online portal, which enables the customer to start creating the network right away. Moreover, NPS flexibly accommodates expansions of the customer's network for its high scalability. The NPS cloud platform is physically distributed among multiple sites, so NPS is also effective as a disaster recovery measure for networks.

Online portal

The online portal of IIJ Omnibus has an ordering site where customers can add or cancel services; a control panel where they can configure, monitor, and manage services; and a support site where they can learn about maintenance and receive other information. All sites can be accessed through a single sign-on. Through the online portal, customers can contract for, configure, and manage all components offered as parts of IIJ Omnibus-NPS, the various functional modules, and the service adaptor.

Major Features of IIJ Omnibus

Enables on-demand access of just the features that are needed, when they are needed

The various modules supplied through IIJ Omnibus do not have minimum usage periods, and usage fees are prorated, so customers can implement the network functions they require and scale the network up or down at a low-cost, for only the number of days that they need. (Excludes fees for access lines.)

Enables seamless linkages through multi-carrier and multi-cloud compatibility

IIJ provides dedicated line, Internet, mobile and other access lines at a one-stop shop, all with multi-carrier support. IIJ also supplies multi-cloud connectivity functions that enable linkages with the IIJ GIO Service cloud service and other vendors' cloud environments. Customers can connect IIJ Omnibus functions to individual systems in the cloud or to their own networks. Via NPS, customers can integrate the operations of IIJ services to which they currently subscribe and the systems that they own in-house within the IIJ Omnibus service.

Provides a service adaptor free of charge

IIJ supplies the SA-W1 service adaptors installed on customers' premises at no cost. Settings are completed just by connecting an SA-W1 unit to a network, because the adaptor automatically downloads the software to provide firewall, L2/L3-VPN, DNS, DHCP relay, wireless access point, and other functions. Customers can rapidly build networks without incurring the costs of buying all these equipment.

  • (*)For more information on the SA-W1, refer to the following web page: text only.)

Functions Provided and Plans

Due out starting September 2015

Functions Descriptions
  • Virtually houses the various functional modules and processes communications among the modules
  • Distributed firewall functions composed of multiple gateways
Internet access module Internet connectivity function directly linked to IIJ's large-volume backbone
Cloud exchange Module Private access functions for a variety of cloud environments
WAN module Functions for connecting to NPS from the SA-W1, access lines, and customer locations
VPN module Functions for VPN access from the customer's routers to NPS
Remote access module Functions for connecting to NPS via remote access VPN

Due out starting the Third Quarter of 2015

Functions Descriptions
Enhanced firewall module Functions that extend the firewall and that counter currently unknown malware, targeted attacks, and various other threats
Email security module Mail security functions, including antivirus features and spam filtering
Web security module Web access security functions, including URL filtering and protection against redirection to malicious Web sites or phishing attacks
LAN module Functions that manage internal LAN switches and wireless access points

About IIJ

Founded in 1992, IIJ is one of Japan's leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ's services include high-quality Internet connectivity services, systems integration, cloud computing services, security services and mobile services. Moreover, IIJ has built one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. IIJ was listed on the U.S. NASDAQ Stock Market in 1999 and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.

The statements within this release contain forward-looking statements about our future plans that involve risk and uncertainty. These statements may differ materially from actual future events or results. Readers are referred to the documents furnished by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. with the SEC, specifically the most recent reports on Forms 20-F and 6-K, which identify important risk factors that could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

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