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Analyst Coverage

(As of October 2023)

Astris Advisory Japan K.K.blank Kirk Boodry
Asymmetric Advisors Limitedblank Team Coverage
Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.blank Makoto Ueno
Ichiyoshi Research Institute Inc.blank Yasuyoshi Mimura
IwaiCosmo Securities Co., Ltd.blank Tomoaki Kawasaki
Jefferies Japan Limitedblank Hiroko Sato
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) Limitedblank Hiroshi Yamashina
Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.blank Yusuke Hori
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.blank Daisaku Masuno
Okasan Securitiesblank Keisuke Iwafuchi
Pelham Smithers Associates.blank Pelham Smithers
QUICK Corporate Valuation Research Centerblank Daisuke Harada
Storm Research Ltd.blank Team Coverage
The Tachibana Securities Co., Ltd.blank Tsunenori Ohmaki
Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Co., Ltd.blank Takuma Yoshibayashi

(In alphabetical order)

  • (*)Please note that there may be other analysts who we are not aware of and who therefore are not included on this list. Also, our information may be incomplete or may not include changes such as analysts who have been transferred, etc. This list is provided for the purpose of disseminating information required to introduce corporate business research companies or research analysts to our investors, and is not intended to be used for the purpose of promoting our stock sales. In addition, IIJ does not support any of these analyst's prospects, opinions, or recommendations and does not guarantee the consistency of any related information. Analysts included or not included on this list have conducted research on our business and have analyzed our business results based on their own judgment. IIJ or IIJ's management directors are not involved in any of these procedures or matters. Final investment decisions should be made at your discretion at the time of the actual investment.

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