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Contribution to Society


IIJ regularly holds educational lectures on Internet for elementary to high school students. In addition, IIJ has created a Q&A site to help children use Internet and smartphones safely in order to realize a sound Internet society.

Regional development supports

Shimane Prefecture and its prefectural city, Matsue City, have been making efforts to promote IT and software industries by taking measures such as attracting companies and supporting the migration of engineers. With the approval from Shimane Prefecture and Matsue City for a location plan, IIJ has opened "Matsue Data Center Park" in 2011, contributing to the industrial promotion and job creation in the region, and supporting career education for high school students by offering tours of the facility.

Contribution to local healthcare, nursing care, and social welfare

In 2017, IIJ launched " the IIJ Electronic contact/communication Note Service ", a multi-professional collaboration platform, which aims to realize regional medical and nursing care collaboration and comprehensive regional healthcare which have been promoted by the Japanese government. The service, which started as a collaboration platform for professionals involved in home medical and nursing care, is now being used more widely in the field of welfare, including support for those who need assistance in times of disaster, emergency coordination, and support for mothers and children who are in medical care.

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