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Building a data analytics platform to prevent the threat of APT and DDoS attacks, which increase in complexity and sophistication every day

Updated: 29th, September, 2017

To IIJ customers:

Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

As cyber-attacks move relentlessly toward greater sophistication, there is no end in sight when it comes to attacks that breach the security of enterprises and other organizations. Attackers will continue to try to infiltrate the systems of specific companies through emails and other web-based paths. With the range of scenarios for Internet utilization broadening due to increases in the number of devices that are plugged into the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasing amount of data sent through DDoS attacks, cases have been discovered in which unsuspecting users are aiding in these attacks with no knowledge of doing so.

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) is considering both preventive and responsive actions it might take against such attacks. As part of this, we announced the creation of our Information Analytics Platform in a press release on October 31, 2016. ( IIJ will begin an initiative that involves the blocking of unauthorized communications sent via malware through DNS filtering as our first step toward this. (Starting date for DNS filtering will be planned from FY2017, in order.)

IIJ will use the data analytics platform it has created to perform multi-pronged analyses on customer logs generated through our services, and use those to analyze and extract malicious activity like that caused by malware. IIJ will take appropriate preventive and responsive action against threats to customer security based on these analyses.

All the various information originating from communications by customers will be managed under strict security and with reference to the relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Image of "IIJ Data analytics platform" for both "Preventive" and "Responsive" actions from cyber threats

However, customers who cannot agree to the use of their logs and other data because they do not wish for unauthorized communications to be blocked through DNS filtering, and customers that anticipate concerns related to maintaining the confidentiality of communications, may opt out of this initiative.

Please contact us using one of the methods below with any questions or to opt out of the service.

For inquiries related to the IIJ Data Analytics Platform:

  • (*)For log-in the above, required to your Master ID (SAXXXXXX)

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