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Business briefing materials etc.

August 31, 2020: IoT Business Strategy Business Briefing


  • Managing Executive Officer: Masakazu Tachikui
  • IoT Business Division: Shinsuke Okada (Division Director), Toru Saito (Deputy Division Director), Yosuke Takadate (Solution Integration Section, Manager)
Question: Advantech, the world's top share in the market of industrial computer, is offering WISE PaaS for Industry IoT Pass. Please update us on its Japanese version, WISE-PaaS IIJ Japan-East.
Answer: For our parts, we have finished developing cloud systems, and a several companies are already using WISE-PaaS IIJ-East on a trial basis. We are currently accumulating prospective orders.
Question: Please educate us on competitive advantages and/or target customer base for WISE-PaaS IIJ Japan-East.
Answer: The service targets industrial manufactures who are interested in applying IoT systems. The service can offer elements needed for IoT such as core system and network as a comprehensive package. Also, by offering job specific application such as production management, facility monitoring, and energy management systems as a package line-up, the service allows easy introduction IoT system.
Question: Please explain the difference between “IIJ Industry IoT Secure Remote Management,” which is optimized for industrial machines and/or factory facility to become IoT, and WISE-PaaS.
Answer: “IIJ Industry IoT Secure Remote Management” is different from WISE –PaaS as the service offers WISE-PASS as a platform, can add job specific function development as well as application function, can offer edge devices, private connectivity, cloud services and others which are needed for industry IoT one-stop.
Question: In addition to private connectivity, please tell us how the operation of “IIJ Industry IoT Secure Remote Management” is secure.
Answer: The service is secured as we can offer our various security related services and solution together to protect the system from cyber threats.

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