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Shiroi Data Center Campus

A system module-type data center equipped with IIJ’s existing technologies and actively harnessing its new technologies!
Capable of serving new data center demand as the world’s digital transformation ramps up

Opened in May 2019, IIJ’s Shiroi Data Center Campus in Shiroi-shi, Chiba Prefecture, is a large-scale data center designed to cope with the explosive growth in data center demand for 5G, IoT, AI, cloud services, and the like. In anticipation of further growth in demand, a second building on the site was opened in July 2023. We have 40,000m2 of space at Shiroi Data Center Campus and envision eventually expanding it based on market growth.

In pursuit of carbon offsets at Shiroi Data Center Campus, we use outside-air cooling to reduce air-conditioning power consumption and we are installing large-scale lithium-ion batteries to facilitate peak shaving of our grid power usage. We also plan to introduce power derived from renewable energy sources by installing solar cells both on and offsite.

Data center operations are a 24-hour, 365-day affair, so to reduce operator workload, we are actively pursuing labor-savings by using robots to perform security and attendant duties and implementing RPA.

Within Shiroi Data Center Campus, we have set up the Shiroi Wireless Campus to conduct research on advanced wireless communication technologies such as local 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and LoRaWAN®, so the facility goes beyond simply being a place to house communications and server devices and also functions as a research campus.

Main applications

  • Site for IT services (cloud, network, security services) that IIJ provides
  • Housing customers’ IT devices

Main specifications

  • Uses modular configuration to reduce construction time and cost
  • Realizes energy savings from outside-air cooling systems
  • Uses AI for integrated facilities/IT control
  • Uses robots and the like for operational automation, labor-saving, and unmanned operations

About the Shiroi Data Center Campus name

A campus is a hub for all sorts of endeavors, so the name reflects our desire to make the facility a hub for creating new value by bringing together digital data, which is growing at an explosive rate, and designing in the flexibility to handle new technologies and to address new needs and services.

Facilities specifications

Phase 1 building Phase 2 building
Location Shiroi-shi, Chiba Prefecture
Date opened May 2019 July 2023
Site area 40,000㎡
Racks installed ~700 racks ~1,100 racks
Maximum rack capacity Potential expansion to 6,000 racks
Air conditioning Outside-air / chiller hybrid
Maximum power received 50,000kVA
Carbon offset initiatives
  • Electricity savings from outside-air cooling
  • Lithium-ion batteries for peak shaving
  • Solar power generation facilities (scheduled to be) installed
Power receiving method Extra-high-voltage loop power receiving
UPS N+1 redundant architecture
Emergency generators Fuel reserves for over 72 hours of power generation (at maximum load)
Security Intrusion detection, surveillance cameras, entry/exit management
Fire protection Fire detection systems, N2 gas fire extinguishing systems, fire extinguishers
Operations monitoring 24/365 manned surveillance
  • Equivalent to Japan Data Center Association (JDCC) Facility Standard Tier 3+
  • Center for Financial Industry Information Systems (FISC): Security Standards
  • International standards: ISO 27001 (ISMS), ISO 14001 (EMS)

Auxiliary facilities

  • Administration building
  • Shiroi Wireless Campus

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