Cloud Service

Features of the FPT HI GIO CLOUD

Working side-by-side with FPT Telecom, a well-respected local ISP, we provide the very first full-scale cloud service here in Vietnam.


The cloud infrastructure is built on FPT Telecom's Tier-3 data centers and connect directly to robust FPT Telecom Internet backbone. Plus, cloud software designed by IIJ harnesses stability and reliability of FPT HI GIO CLOUD.

Case study

>Ministop Co., Ltd.

> For more information about the latest case study such as Family Mart Vietnam, please see FPT International Telecom's website.

The cloud platform is built on two locations in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) , which makes back-up and replication of systems easier inside Vietnam. This service is compatible with Vietnam's business practice and laws, such as Cybersecurity law which mandates to store data inside Vietnam.


Five reasons to choose FPT HI GIO Cloud

  • High Reliability
    Ensure 99.99% SLA. By supporting you in Vietnamese and in English 24/7, we bring you a sense of reassurance.
  • Multi-Region
    The Cloud platform is now in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. By mutually backing up, you can prevent possible troubles. A closed connection between two sites is also available.
  • Security
    Provides a number of security features as standard, including virtual routers, firewalls, and load balancers. Also, multi-factor authentication and encryption help you to operate cloud securely.
  • System Design
    Directly connects FPT Telecom's robust backbone network with 10Gpbs bandwidth. By adopting VMware, FPT HI GIO CLOUD is compatible with several on-premise and private environments.
  • High Flexibility
    Offers you a pay-as-you-go approach for billing. And by providing more diverse REST API, you can manage and operate your cloud resources automatically and flexibly.

Partner Solutions

Introduces enterprise solutions that collaborate with FPT HI GIO.

Veeam backup solution

Automatically back up data from customer sites such as on-premises and client PCs to storage on the FPT HI GIO. Not only can applications and data be restored quickly and flexibly, but you can also back up and replicate with a single solution.

689Cloud file sharing solution

You can share files uploaded onto the HPT HI GIO easily and securely from within and outside your company, and you can edit them jointly. Advanced file management technology allows you to manage documents end-to-end, even if they are already shared or downloaded.

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