Leap GIO Cloud

Features of the Leap GIO Cloud

IIJ established the joint venture "Leap Solutions Asia Inc.(LSA), with Thailand's leading carrier-neutral data center provider: TCC Technology. LSA provides domestic Cloud services with Japanese levels of quality and low latency.


Leveraging IIJ’s cutting-edge Cloud technology and TCCT’s robust Data center infrastructure , LSA offers the “Leap GIO Cloud”, a secure Cloud service with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

The Leap GIO Cloud is ready to provide both virtual private servers and dedicated VMware environments.

  • Leap GIOPublic A variety of Virual Private Servers at hourly or monthly charges
  • Leap GIOPrivate Physically dedicated VMware environment on mothly-charge basis

LSA is an SAP Certified provider of Hosting Services, Cloud Services and SAP HANA Operations Services.

Leap GIO Public

5 Reasons to Choose Leap GIO Public

  • High Flexibility
    LSA provides virtual private servers on an hourly or monthly charge basis without any initial one-time charges. Customers can upgrade/downgrade virtual machines, as well as add/remove features whenever they want.
  • High Reliability
    LSA provide highly reliable cloud infrastructure, hosted by a world-class standard datacenter, with a guaranteed SLA level of 99.99% uptime and 24-hour technical support provided by a team of experienced engineers.
  • Diverse Connectivity
    Enable diverse connectivity to the Internet, WAN Links such as MPLS, Co-location and Private Cloud.
  • API Enhancement
    API has been developed and added to Leap GIO Public to provide effective interaction, manage, and operate cloud resource automatically.
  • High Security
    Security features such as Firewalls, port forwarding, VPNs, etc. are provided by default to ensure the security of your system`s operation.

Leap GIO Private

5 Reasons to Choose Leap GIO Private

  • Asset-less computing
    Leap GIO`s Private Cloud provides physically dedicated IT infrastructures such as computing resources, storage, network, etc. on monthly charge basis. Customers can build their own private cloud environment easily without fixating their resources on assets.
  • Full Control
    By providing a VMware vSphere/vCenter, customers can configure and control all the components just like they would in data centers. As a result, Leap GIO Private enables customers to utilize existing IT assets (software license, etc.) as well as their operational tools and skill sets.
  • High Reliability
    Leap GIO Private includes an industry-leading 99.99% SLA. A private cloud is built only for your company and is hosted at 2 TCCT Premium data centers for redundancy, more reliability, and suitable for mission critical systems.
  • High Cost Performance
    LSA is the only one in Thailand to provide this service purely on monthly charge basis. No more yearly contract.
  • High Security
    Advanced security features in the form of add-on options such as Firewalls, IPS and DAM are available for you to ensure the security of your system`s operation.

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