Data loss prevention, threat protection and IT asset management in a single solution.

LanScope Cat on GIO

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3 features of LanScope Cat on GIO


Manage all with one solution

Data loss prevention, threat protection, and IT asset management, etc.. Provide all the features that are essential to your endpoints in one single solution.
LanScope Cat, the No.1 endpoint management tool in the Japanese market, enhances endpoint management for ASEAN.

  • Manage internal IT assets in a single console
  • Manage and control access to websites
  • Detect/control unauthorized devices such as USB
  • Detect/quarantine malware with AI engine
  • Manage PC operation logs
  • Asset Cat

    IT Asset

  • Log Cat

    User Activity

  • Web Cat

    Web Access

  • Device Cat


  • Protect Cat

    Advanced Threat


Manage all with minimal cost,
time and resources

Provide LanScope Cat as SaaS in the ASEAN region.
Dedicated servers and server maintenance are not required.
Total endpoint management is in your hand with minimal time at monthly fees.

  • Providing Services via the Internet
  • Manage LanScope Cat/Provide web consoles
  • A contract from 10 licenses
  • Store log data up to five years
  • Minimum contract term: 1 month


Solutions available
in 4 countries in ASEAN

Available in ASEAN4 countries in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
Leverage the cloud provided by the IIJ Groups and partners to provide a stable solution.

What isLanScope Cat

  • LanScope Cat is the number one integrated endpoint management tool that has been selected by more than 10,000 customers, mainly in Japan.
  • Designed to meet the IT security and productivity management needs of small to mid-size businesses facing increasing responsibilities with limited resources.
  • Providing threat protection, user behavior analysis, and asset management capabilities to ensure the compliance, productivity, and security of your business.

What isProtect Cat

  • Equipped with Cylance's AI engines, Protect Cat detect and quarantine known/unknown malware and track from where they invade. Reduce the effort to investigate and identify the cause in the course of countermeasures to malware. Prevent a recurrence by taking corrective action for the user operation that caused the error.
  • Analyze the elements of a file that the AI engine detects as a threat and find out more about malware. By sharing analysis and judgment result of other companies, taking action on the relevant file will be easier. Once the operation starts, the system automatically quarantines malware, and no administrator effort is required.
  • The artificial intelligence algorithm on the endpoint determines whether the file is malware or not. Therefore the CPU load on the client terminal is very light * and there is no need to update the pattern file.
    * 0.31% average CPU utilization