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IIJ xSP Platform Service/Mail

About the Service Overview

The IIJ xSP Platform Service/Mail service is a cloud-based email system designed for ISPs and CATV service providers that support millions of users.
This service enables users to completely eliminate the need to build and maintain infrastructure as the email system is completely outsourced. This service reduces operational load and helps with cost optimization.

Service Features

The Optimal Email System for Large Enterprises

Our system infrastructure can support email operations with account numbers in the tens of millions. This service can be flexibly customized such as providing the same structure of the user interface in your current system and support for unique authentication IDs. You can easily build systems that satisfy your service specifications. Specialized tools and support organizations are available to ensure a seamless migration from your current system.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Through System Redundancy Provided as Standard

IIJ has data centers in East Japan and West to provide redundancy of service facilities. We provide large service providers with the necessary level of DR support to ensure business continuity at high levels of availability. Our operations organization is staffed 24/365 with highly skilled, expert engineers to provide you with the highest quality of service.

Asset-less Systems Reduce Operational Load and Help Optimize Costs

Cloud-based services free you from the need to build and maintain infrastructure. They also enable you to use only the resources needed. Complete outsourcing of email system operations that requires expertise significantly reduces operational load. Services fees are calculated based on the number of accounts. We also track active users vs inactive users and provide a discount on inactive users to help optimize costs.

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