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Site Umpire Service

About the Service Overview

Site Umpire Service is a URL filtering service that runs on a dedicated router. With one license and one router, you can control website access for all devices connected to the router.

Service Features

Utilizes the URL Filtering Service That Enjoys the Largest Share of the Japanese Market

Site Umpire Service utilizes the URL list provided by Alps System Integration (ALSI). Every day, 365 days per year, ALSI updates this list and categorizes websites in accordance with visual checks made by full-time researchers to provide accurate URL lists as quickly as possible.

Installation on Only One Router Makes Implementation and Management Easy

Centralized management on one router eliminates time-consuming configuration of individual devices as well as the need to purchase additional licenses. Databases are not stored in routers for easier management and nearly zero additional load on the network.

Utilization of SEIL Series Routers for Their High Level of Functionality, Performance, and Reliability

You can purchase a SEIL series router or use the IIJ SEIL Rental Service to acquire the routers used with Site Umpire Service.

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