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Strategic IT Outsourcing

About the Solution Overview

Strategic IT Outsourcing is a contract for outsourcing all operations and asset provision related to IT infrastructure.
The greatest benefit of this service is that IIJ commits to achieving the goals (KPIs) agreed upon with the customer. To achieve annual IT cost reduction, one such KPI, we optimize IT resources and make operations more efficient in stages.

Solution Features

Attainable Customer Benefits

  • [Shifting IT human resources to priority areas] To focus limited IT human resources on core operations such as DX promotion
  • [Operation quality/speed improvement] To accelerate IT policy execution speed by utilizing leading-edge technology
  • [Cost reduction] To continuously reduce costs related to IT infrastructure

Delivering Structural Transformation of IT Departments

Of the systems owned by the company and the operations being performed, IIJ takes responsibility for all the areas that the customer should outsource. Customers can invest their effective workers (human resources) in the areas in which they want to focus.

Possible Range of Outsourcing

IIJ uses standardized operation processes to take care of the operations of the customer's IT departments and to procure IT infrastructure assets. The range and contents of outsourcing are determined through consultation.

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