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IIJ Security Audit Solution

About the Solution Overview

With the IIJ Security Audit Solution, an experienced security consultant learns the customer's business and system configurations to provide an optimal solution in accordance with the overall corporate security level.

Service Features

Platform Diagnosis

Diagnosis targets: Servers, network devices

We provide a dedicated network for customers on the backbone, which extends across IIJ service facilities. The network provides interconnectivity centered around the IIJ private backbone, enabling various IIJ network services and cloud services to be used together.

Web Application Diagnosis

Diagnosis targets: Web applications

We visualize the risks caused by defects during the design or development of web applications, such as user authentication, session management, and parameter input/output, and we suggest countermeasures for any problems that are found.

Smartphone App Diagnosis

Diagnosis targets: Smartphone apps

We visualize the risks involved in mobile applications, such as encryption methods for sending and receiving data, resistance to man-in-the-middle attacks, data saved on end devices, and access permissions, and we suggest countermeasures for any problems that are found.

Targeted Email Attack Training

Diagnosis targets: Users within organization

Training email messages that imitate targeted email attacks are actually sent to users, and we obtain a log of the attached files that are opened and links that are clicked for each user. We then create a report on resistance to attacks and the presence of human vulnerabilities.

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