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Microsoft 365 Transition Support Solution

About the Service Overview

This service provides support in building and deploying an IIJ GIO cloud-based environment for Microsoft 365 including authentication, client administration, and security. IIJ operates the system for you as part of this solution to ensure a highly reliable and secure IT service.

Service Features

Total Solution from Authentication to Client Administration

AD FS for Active Directory, System Center Configuration Manager, and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) systems are deployed followed by a comprehensive review of Office IT services.

Enhanced Security Required by Japanese Companies

When used together with the IIJ Secure MX Service for email security optimized for Japanese companies, these services provide functionality lacking in Microsoft 365 such as preventing information leak and erroneous transmissions as well as providing better protection against external threats at all service layers.

Fast and Secure Connectivity Between Microsoft 365 and On-premise Equipment

Dedicated lines access as the secure route isolated from Internet is used for data exchange. We provide a low-latency, highly responsive environment to ensure capability to send and receive large amounts of data and establish real-time data links.

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