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IIJ Malware Analysis Solution

About the Service Overview

With the IIJ Malware Analysis Solution, specialized analysts investigate and analyze unidentified samples provided by customers. Information on malware risk levels and recovery methods is then provided to help protect you against malware.

Service Features

Expert Analysts Experienced in Malware Analysis Investigate Unidentified Samples Detected by Your Systems

Expert analysts investigate and analyze unidentified samples detected by your systems and then provide reports on malware risk levels, state of infection, and recovery methods.

Two Levels of Analysis are Available for a Monthly Fee

Standard Malware Analysis

A security analyst runs surface analysis, dynamic analysis, and other such tests on files that were received from the customer and are believed to contain malware, and a summary of the samples based on those results is reported back. The report contains an overview of the samples that was acquired through dynamic analysis and the behavior of the malware, as well as primary countermeasures.

Detailed Malware Analysis

In cases where the malware requires a more detailed analysis that is provided by Standard Malware Analysis, at the customer's request, we analyze the details via static analysis, in addition to surface analysis and dynamic analysis. A detailed account of the sample's execution contents and countermeasures that can be taken to mitigate the damages are written in a report, and the findings are conveyed directly to the customer at an in-person briefing.

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